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Sanitiser Station Bundle - FREE SANITISER!!!

FREE SANITISER when you purchase a Dispenser and Floor Stand. Sanitiser Station Bundle includes: 1 x Touch-free Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser (RTS057) = $30 1 x Dispenser Floor Stand (RTS058) = $20 1 x Easy-fill Hand Sanitiser Gel Pouch - 1L for auto-dispensers BOX OF 12 (RTS056) = FREE 1 x Hand Sanitiser Gel - 500ml Pump BOX of 24 pumps (RTS035) = FREE FULL PRODUCT DETAILS can be found through the catalogue in each individual product page. Please check the full details of each product before ordering!! LIMIT to first 100 bundles sold!

IMPORTANT! IR dispensers are sensitive to light and can automatically trigger in bright conditions. This unit is suited to indoor use, away from direct sunlight and bright areas only. Please be aware of this when purchasing as we do not accept returns and/or refunds. 75% Alcohol-based hand sanitiser is a class 3 flammable liquid (the same classification as paints, varnishes and lacquers) and should be safely stored in a cool, dry area away from potential ignition sources and incompatible dangerous goods. Where storing bulk quantities please ensure you comply with local legislation re. safe storage. Product SDS available upon request. DELIVERY NOTE: Due to the alcohol content, these products fall under the StarTrack classification of a Dangerous Good, resulting in a more costly freight charge. Price is ex GST, delivery and handling charges.
$50.00 ex GST